Enjoy the pleasure of Shisha at KITCH…
There is more to the pleasure of Shisha than just the draw of the richly flavoured tobacco. The art of sharing a Hookah is about bonding and true friendship. The simple act of sitting together and patiently waiting for your turn to be passed the pipe gives you an appreciation of great company.

Shisha Kitch Social Club Marbella


A shisha is as much about the bond of friendship as it is about smoking. To part take in the long, slow pleasure of a Shisha while sipping drinks and relaxing on the terrace, becomes almost a weekly ritual for our KITCH members. Sit back on our stunning terrace or in our chic restaurant and listen to the relaxing sounds of the live DJ and peruse our extensive Shisha menu.

With over twenty hookah flavours to choose from, even the most selective palates will find a flavour they will love. Select one of our classic five tobaccos or upgrade to one of nine premium tobacco leaves. Just ask for our resident KITCH Shisha expert and he will guide you and your friends through our extensive Shisha menu. Why not enhance your Hookah with additional flavours to compliment your after dinner drinks.

Each Shisha is served on a bed of either Pineapple or Grapefruit to blend perfectly with our selection of fruity flavours including our popular Space: An exquisite mix of mango, coconut, pineapple and mint in a grapefruit bowl. Or if you want to add a little alcohol to your shisha try our Ruby Kiss: A bowl of fresh garnet, cherry syrup with a generous measure of cognac to the hookah. 

KITCH Marbella is the perfect place to unwind with friends and discover the pure pleasure of Shisha.

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