No fine dining experience is complete without the pleasure of ending your meal with the taste of a fine cigar.

Cigars Kitch Social Club Marbella

Enjoy A Cuban Cigar

We at KITCH fully understand that to truly enjoy the satisfaction of smoking a cigar, you need time and the perfect ambiance to sit back and take genuine gratification from the slow and relaxing experience.

Enjoy in the flavour between courses or paired with a rich smoky whiskey, you never need to leave the comfort of your table and the company of your friends, allowing you to take your time and not rush the pleasure of the slow burn.

That is why KITCH is the only private members club where you can relax at your table, either inside our restaurant or on the spacious terrace and take pleasure from the art of smoking your favourite brand of cigar.

KITCH is a unique venue in Marbella where you can partake in this after dinner ritual even inside the restaurant and for your guests that don’t share your passion for the finest cigar tobacco, the state of the art air purifiers ensures their dining experience is smoke free.

If you have left home without your favourite brand of cigar, don’t worry. KITCH Marbella holds a selection of the finest cigars from around the world. Just ask to view our climate-controlled humidifier, where you will find a variety of cigars to suit all price brackets, including the popular Romeo y Julieta or indulge in the heady aromas of the rarer Cohibas.

Or why not experience a new and different aroma? Our cigar connoisseur is on hand most nights to discuss our regularly changing signature cigar selection.

For those members that share our passion for cigars, there is no place in Marbella other than KITCH to spend the evening and indulge in fine wine, delicious food and exceptional live music, all wrapped up in the stunning setting that is unique to KITCH.

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